Alive! with the Arts announces Graphics and Printing Service
now available to outside clients.

So here's the thing...
We have been booking all this great talent across the country for you all, and in the process 
we just could not help to get our hands into a couple more services. The artists we represent
need certain items to keep the promotional machine running smoothly, and we just happen
to have the means to provide such items (family business).You know what they say, 
"if you have it, then for gosh darn-darn, you better USE it."

Therefore, in the spirit of that philosophy, and in our never ending quest to help serve the needs
of our artists and clients better, Alive! with the Arts is proud to announce a new public phase of 
operations in the world of GRAPHICS and PRINTING. 

We specialize in serving the specific needs of artists and musicians for items such as; 
-CD packaging
-CD replication and project fullfillment
-11 x 17 full color posters
-Custom promo pieces such as viynl stickers, lighters, yo-yo's, hats, etc. 

By handling all the details and design "in house" , we have been able to cut costs and 
consolidate effort before laying out big dollars to a printer, or stand-alone graphic designer. 
Our clients have saved money, and we are serving the purpose of promoting their art in the 
process. Try us and you will be surprised how easy it is to get your design or printing project
DONE, and start getting noticed...