K Dub

Keller first began live performance in his hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia at the early age of 16. Yearning for a guitar as soon as he could say the word, Keller was born with a natural musical talent that is 100% original and genuine. Three decades later, critics now place the virtually self-taught musician "…in the lineage of dazzling, yet quirky guitarists that include John Fahey, Leo Kottke, and…the late Michael Hedges." (Chicago Tribune). Dazzling indeed. Everything that Keller picks up comes alive.

Keller's awe-inspiring performance has attracted SOLD OUT crowds across the country including the 2,500-seat Riviera Theater in Chicago, the 1,800-seat Orpheum Theater in Madison, and 2,000 capacity Paegent in Saint Louis, and the 1,700 seat Farthing Auditorium at Appalacian State University in Boone, NC.

Keller's endless musical exploration has led to the use of many non-traditional instruments, including the use of live loop technology, eight different guitars, and his signature mouth flugel. If you are looking for a nationally known artist that will appeal to a wide audience, then KDUB is your man.



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