Far from the blushing, sensitive 'singer-songwriter boy' image that seems to clog nightclubs and guitar stores all over the country, New York City's Mike Errico takes a stance that is influenced by punk-folkies like Ani DiFranco and Dashboard Confessional, while imbuing it with his own innate sense of Stevie Wonder-era soul music. Mike offers pop music as both party favor and healing tonic.

Since the release of his 1999 debut, Pictures of the Big Vacation, Errico has spent his time touring, playing on many independent records with emerging artists, releasing his live CD Tonight I Drink You All (Engine Company), scoring music for theater and TV, and reevaluating his relationship with the turbulent business of music. "Between Pictures and Skimming, a revolution occurred in the music industry," says Errico. "I turned down several 'traditional' deals, and worked on creating an artistic environment that allowed me, quite simply, to make a living making music during chaotic times."

As an artist, Mike embodies qualities of excellence - brilliant songwriting, an unbelievable live show, do-it-yourself independence, grass-roots fan support, a hardcore work ethic, and most importantly, the musical depth to sustain a long-term career. Skimming will be Mike's long overdue introduction to a national audience - he won't be New York City's secret for long."