Can it be? Two updates in a month? Things are alive around here, that's 
all I can say...

SEVEN NATIONS is now taking offers for the Saint Pat's week run.


Well...it has been a while since we updated even one iota of this
website...so here it goes. Thank you all again for your continued business 
and support of the artists we represent.

Newsworthy items of the moment:

We may be attending the PAE conference in Baltimore later this month.
You can get more info at www.southarts.org. See ya there if we go.

Keller Williams will be on tour this fall. Select fly dates for colleges
are still possible in December. Thinking about Keller for the spring? 
Call us soon to get your preferred dates. 

That 1 Guy will be hitting the road with Buckethead pretty much all of 
September. For the dates, go here. That 1 Guy is possibly the most 
ingenious musician / mad scientist that I have the pleasure of knowing. 
The people from America's Got Talent actually called a few months ago 
about him. We sent a tape. I think we confused them...Watch this and 
you will see what I mean.

Mike Errico has been editor-in-chief at BLENDER online for several months
now. From what I can tell, he seems to be having a blast, and doing a 
great job. His recent interviews include: Gene Simmons, David Lee Roth, 
Keane, and Jewel to name a few. If you want to keep up with Mike's 
activities, follow his blog.

Mike also has a new record in the bag but he is not telling anyone when 
it will be officially released. We can only hope it will be soon. What 
originally attracted me to Mike's art was the pure genuine quality of his 
music AND it's lyrical content. Fact is, the man can write....and then 
write some more. Very aptly, the first music I heard from Mike was a 
pre-release of Pictures of the Big Vacation. 

It moved me from the moment I heard the first note. 

I could visualize it all in my head immediately. It was like he was 
reaching in to my mind and soul with those first songs I heard...Mike 
has the natural ability to bring the lyrics of the song right home with 
the music. For anyone who has ever attempted songwriting, you will know
that this is a formidable task. Mike does it with (what seems like)
relative ease, but I know for a fact that he puts every ounce of 
his soul into a song. 

I'm not kidding....he can take you from wanting to smash the guitars on 
stage to spiritual inspiration, and then right into a world of relationships,
emotional rollercoasters, dreams, and all the other good stuff that makes 
our world turn.

Oh yeah, Mike has also been known to rescue random tumbleweeds and travel 
with them for miles while on tour. He has a soft spot for Salsola kali. 

As one who loves the natural world....I can't blame him.

Jim Donovan has been having just a stellar year, as well. I joined him for 
four days at the beginning of August in Loretto, PA at Saint Francis 
University for the annual Rhythm Renewal. All drummer's and non-drummers 
alike need to listen up here...

As you may well know, drumming is a very powerful force. Science has shown 
that drumming reduces stress and increases your body's ability to fight 
disease. Drumming also brings people together, something we need a great 
deal more of in this world. 

When I drum, I smile. When I drum, I feel relaxed. 

When I drum....I feel peace. 

Although sometimes when I drum I pretend I am John Bohnam, and I guess that 
is more of a crazy - bang the shit out of something -  feeling, but it still 
makes me smile.

Okay...back to Loretto..Jim recently became part of the full time faculty 
at Saint Francis, and has been doing the Rhythm Renewal for I believe three 
years now. We spent 4 days in workshops covering many aspects of group 
drumming that you simply will not find anywhere else. When you mention group 
drumming to someone, they will often paint a picture in their mind of 
drugged out freaks banging on congas.

Nothing could be futher from the truth.

The mornings at Rhythm Renewal were more like a Yoga/Chant type thing, which 
put me in a place I never quite visited before. It was refreshing and 

The afternoons were then spent with various guest drummers from all over 
the world. For the faculty list, click here. They were all top notch. I took 
a tabla lesson from Jim DiSpirito, which, once again, proved to me that in 
order to become competent at that instrument you need to dedicate enormous 
amounts of time. Maybe when the kids leave for college in 2020...

The evenings were a little more free flowing with choose your own adventure 
type sessions, a concert, and then the inevitable jam. It was drummer's 
paradise for four days and you will see me there every year from this point 

The environment of Saint Francis is very rural and peaceful, which makes 
it an ideal place to study just about anything. I came away from this event
with a true learning experience about myself that I am now willing to share 
with just about everyone. It was a paradigm shift in my thinking, and is 
actually one of the reasons I am even writing right now. Aside from drumming, 
I learned how to focus more on what needs to be done in my life everyday. 

Start. Finish. Breathe.

We all know deep inside what we need to do in this life, but for some reason 
we push those thoughts aside or try to bury them. We go on with our daily
routines and simply pass up opportunities to better ourselves and the world. 
Sometimes we are actually obsessed with the procastination of our inner self 
and potential. We actively fill our lives with meaningless crap to avoid 
what is best for us and everyone else.

I finally learned how to get rid of the crap and focus on my potential. Funny
enough it was there in the drum the whole time...since I was 12, but it took
me four days in rural PA with 30 of my new best friends to finally make the 
real connection.

Go to this event next year and I promise that you will be a better drummer,
a more focused employee or business owner, and just a better human who can 
effortlessly tap into their talents and take action to help yourself and 

Thanks again Jim and the entire staff for an unforgettable time.

Well...that's it for now...I'll update you some more in the coming weeks.

Dan O.