That One Guy (aka Mike Silverman) is a full-on lyrical, rhythmic, harmonic, and sonic spectacle that must be seen to be believed. There is no written word that can accurately describe Mike Silverman and the instrument he created and (fondly) refers to as The Magic Pipe. An accomplished bass player in the San Francisco jazz and pop scene, Mike has now pioneered his own direction in music by creating an instrument and stage performance that is pure artistic genius.

That One Guy first built his one-of-a-kind instrument from an emergency trip to Home Depot and Radio Shack after making a promise to open a big show in San Francisco where he would present something new and different. The result of that trip is now helping him perform over 150 dates per year, headlining colleges and concert halls. Recently, That 1 Guy has found a new home to distribute his recordings at Ani DiFranco's record label, Righteous Babe Records.

Like a one-man band plucked from the pages of Dr. Suess, That One Guy delivers earthshaking music from the Pipe to accompany his madcap lyrics about turbo snails, weasel pot pies, and Songs in the Key of Beotch.

Look NO FURTHER for an original and highly creative act. You have found THAT ONE GUY.

Mike Silverman - That 1 Guy



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